Availalable for iPhone & iPod Touch

"A handy app!" -  iPhoneLife Magazine


"Very useful application" - iTunes


Ever loan a CD, DVD, book or something to a friend, only to forget about it until it’s too embarrassing to ask for it back? Or have you forgotten who you loaned it to completely?? With iLend it’s easy to keep track of all the items you loan to friends and family.


With iLend you can lend a wide variety of items to anyone in your contact list (or add a new contact). Choose from movies, music, books, and more. You can take a picture of your item (iPhone only), record its condition and any other pertinent info, then set a date to be reminded about the item. Export the reminder to your calendar so you'll be notified when the item is due back. Once that date has passed, the item will be flagged as late and you can send an email or SMS requesting that the item be returned.


With iLend you’ll never have to ask “where’s my stuff?” again!!